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All the stories here could be regarded as a warning against taking some current strategy too far.

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They are excellent, well crafted stories, aimed to provoke the thoughtful reader. One of the big differences between adult and YA fiction is the abilities accorded to the young people involved. They may be beset by problems that would appear insurmountable to the ordinary youngster but they will win out in the end. In adult novels this might not be the case and the story has possibility of ending in total disaster — just as it might in real life.

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The hero of this series of books, Everett Singh, is a mathematical genius. It has long been proposed that each time a decision is made, an alternative future becomes a possibility. This device enables users to cross from one possible world to another. So far, ten have developed the technology. His father, Tejendra, developed a mathematical model that enabled any of the possible worlds to be accessed, and left it for Everett, just before he was kidnapped. Now there are factions, the most dangerous being led by Charlotte Villiers, who will go to any lengths to acquire the device.

Everett, though, has help.

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It comes from the crew of the airship Everness. The solid matter in the solar system has been remodelled to form a huge disc with the sun moving up and down in the centre, through a hole. The technology to do that is so obviously in advance of what Everett is used to so that first they speculate that aliens have created it before they meet the inhabitants. It seems that the dinosaurs were not wiped out in this plane but have had the extra two hundred million years to develop though they still retain some characteristics of their reptile ancestry and are considerably warlike.

Thus the crew of the Everness have an extra set of problems added to what they had before.

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The airship is in desperate need of repair and as they start on the work, they find themselves caught between two of the tribes vying for supremacy. They still have Charlotte Villiers on their tail, trying to get the Infundibulum — the map of the other planes and Everett is still searching for his father.

Known, for convenience, as Everett M, he has his own problems. Not only does he have to avoid the pitfalls of impersonating himself, he also has to deal with the nano-spider that came back with him from Earth 1 and wishes to absorb carbon based life into one huge nano-entity.

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While this is still a great action packed young adult book the series is beginning to delve deeper into what it is to be a caring human. The philosophy is not overwhelming but carefully paced. There is one problem.

Folk of the Air book 3 release date

This is not a trilogy. The ending sets up further mysteries that have yet to be unravelled. Excellent reading for all ages. Ostensibly overseen by Earth, via a Lunar Development Corporation, in reality there is little law other than contract law, which governs everything and even court cases can be settled by trial by combat. For those who succeed the rewards can be rich but in a world where everything even oxygen must be paid for, failure can be fatal.

These families have been there from the early days and have used arranged marriages to cement alliances and settle disputes. As Adriana Corta, the Brazilian-born matriarch approaches her 80th birthday, internal family struggles over the succession and escalating tensions between the two families over control of resources erupt and change things irrevocably. This is a complex and detailed story told from multiple viewpoints. The characterisation of so many different yet essential characters is superb.

The society the author has imagined is a multi-cultural melting point, with people from all over Earth forging a new life on the Moon.

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The detailed research into societies as diverse as Brazilian, Ghanaian and Chinese is evident. This research also shows in a consideration of the necessary science, technology and biology involved in this intricately constructed world. It has that same sense of a society shaped by its environment, and the same atmosphere of families and corporations constantly manoeuvring for advantage and survival in a harsh environment.

Another similarity is that there are also hints of religious and other groups starting to make long-term genetic and societal evolutionary plans. In the first book in this series, hostilities between two of the five major lunar families the Five Dragons erupted into open conflict and warfare. At the end of that book, the Corta family was decimated and the remaining members were scattered, taking refuge with other families or groups. Believed dead, they have room to manoeuvre and recruit allies.

Over the two intervening years they have plotted and conspired with the aim of exacting a vicious and elaborate revenge. As that revenge comes to fruition, many inhabitants of the Moon will find their lives and livelihoods massively disrupted and lunar society will be changed forever.

The author delivers yet another hugely satisfying thriller. The reader is again drawn into the conflict between ruthless families. Once again, the level of detail in the world building is exemplary. There is a large cast of characters a Character list is provided and is very useful which may deter some readers. However, most are sufficiently dissimilar and differentiated that the reader is not confused. In fact, I found this large number of viewpoints and personalities a major part of the richness and depth of this book.

The author has succeeded in creating a capitalistic, machiavellian society where people must be hypervigilant among the backstabbing rivalries. Nevertheless, it is not all one-sided and there are also examples of love, selflessness and sacrifice which keep this from being a bleak novel.

Also among the believable technological advances and the merging of different cultures, there are hopeful signs of a unique, lunar society evolving, separate and different from Earth. A wonderful hard SF novel with a fitting conclusion that still tempts the reader onwards with the many issues remaining to be resolved in the third volume.

Despite what parents, publishers and teachers think, youngsters tend to read in a category higher than their targeted age. The main difference between YA and adult novels is hormones. Also most YA novels stick to the point of view of the protagonist whereas adult novels may have multiple viewpoints.

He is on his way to meet his father, Tejendra, to attend a lecture together when he sees him snatched from the street. Unfortunately, no-one believes him. Everett, though, is determined to find him.

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One of the theories Tejendra has been working with is the idea of multiple universes splitting off from each other every time a choice is made. Some of these will be so similar that differences will be unnoticeable, others will have diverged long enough ago to appear alien.

Everett discovers that it is the operatives of one of these other worlds that have kidnapped his father. As an impetuous youth, he determines to rescue his father. To that end, he crosses into this other world. This is a place where everything is run by electricity and that never had a steam age and where oil-based products, including petrol and plastic do not exist. London is ringed by coal-fired power stations generating the necessary power. It is a place where air transport is by airship.

Here he meets Sen Sixsmyth, adopted daughter of the owner of the Airship Everness. She persuades her mother to take Everett on as crew while they try to work out a plan to rescue Tejendra. For a YA novel to work it has to provide equal enjoyment for adults and teenagers. It has the high quality of writing that engages the reader and carries the plot forward at a furious pace. It makes no concession to the age of the reader; after all, the YA target audience is sixteen to eighteen and should be capable of understanding any decent literature.

This just happens to have adventure and hormones. Ian McDonald is one of those writers who is capable of charming any reader with his story-telling abilities. This does not disappoint.

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  • Only one problem — you have to buy the next volume to find out what happens next. When most writers look to the future they envision it in terms of western society.