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Pacing groups are there to get you round bang on target time. The key is not to panic. The sub 4 group will mean that everyone is thinking the same as you. The group should set off at exactly the right pace — and so hold you back! The further you go with the pacing group the more likely you are to stay on track and motivated. If you feel good in the last few miles 3 and inside then is the time to see how far sub 4 you can go! If you need to practice running with a pacing group join one of the RW pace groups at the Race Your Pace Half marathon event. Q10 Did the marathon last year in 4 hrs 13 mins, and want to beat my time this year.

Seem to be on course for 3,45 something bound to go wrong!!

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Running miles is good at the moment, but I have an ideal run which is 8 miles; 4 miles, then rest an hour, then 4 miles back home. My question is, is this as good as an 8 mile run, or a lot worse because of the hour rest in between? It fits with your schedule and it work so stick with it.

Just make sure you also include those longer continuous runs as they make your marathon. Q11 I'm doing the Great North Run this year and I'm hoping to do it in but I'm having a problem with building my speed up because the speed work is playing havoc with my calf.

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Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. A11 There are many factors that could be impacting on your calf Steph. To run a half marathon PB you need to be efficient and strong. Q12 My question is about whether training paces are equally valid and transferrable across the range of racing paces, e. But a 4hour marathoner e. It's hard to feel a sense of "flow" at this pace. Are the suggested training paces equally valid for slower runners as they are for faster runners, and do they confer the same training benefit?

To be on the safe side a more controlled pace, particularly in the marathon, and a more even pace throughout has been shown to yield better marathon results. We are all individual and practice in training will certainly help you get a gauge on what works for you! Guidelines are only guidelines and nothing beats personal experience to find your own levels.

A13 It really depends what you want to get from the event. If you want to get an indication of marathon target time and to run hard then go for the PB group. If you'd rather get confident in your ability to pace a half at target MP then roll with that pace group. Both are good strategies. Type keyword s to search.

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Today's Top Stories. Runner dies at Swansea Half Marathon. Paul Tierney breaks Peak Wainwright's record. Advertisement - Continue Reading Below. More From Pacing. How to pace your perfect marathon. London Marathon data shows women are better at pacing than men.

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How to pace for a marathon PB. Be sure to have some Malaysian Ringgit in hand too at the various money changers. You may also like Uncategorized Singapore to Thailand Overland. Uncategorized Protected: Johnny. Uncategorized Bangkok Art and Culture Centre. Older comments. Singapore — Kuala Lumpur.

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