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Dust and Shadow , Lyndsay Faye. Sherlock Holmes will continue to skulk around this list, and good luck to anyone trying to stop him. Devil in a Blue Dress , Walter Mosley.

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So begins a truly great series of mysteries. A spy novel that reinvented spies in literature — and questioned the morality of just about everyone. Possibly the best spy novel ever written.

18 of the Best Mystery Books Summer Has to Offer

Fadeout , Joseph Hansen. In , Hansen gave us Dave Brandstetter, the first openly gay private eye in the mystery genre. It was easy. The Name of the Rose , Umberto Eco. True Confessions , John Gregory Dunne. Beast in View , Margaret Millar. And then, twist ending! In , the book won the Edgar Award for best novel. The Daughter of Time , Josephine Tey. This detective novel by one of the queens of the genre follows a modern Scotland Yard detective as he investigates the crimes of Richard III. Not only an engaging mystery but an important book that questions the way we make and understand history.

The Talented Mr. Ripley , Patricia Highsmith. Because everyone loves a really good liar — not to mention an ashtray as murder weapon. Presumed Innocent , Scott Turow. The Day of the Jackal , Frederick Forsyth.

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A perennially popular thriller about an assassin sent to kill Charles de Gaulle that has influenced more than one actual would-be assassin. Mystic River , Dennis Lehane. Lehane has already established himself as one of the best contemporary mystery and crime writers around. His novel is arguably his best, a twisty mystery of three best friends, abuse, and murder.

Not to be missed. Sneaky People , Thomas Berger. In The Woods , Tana French. This gripping and much-lauded literary mystery took the world by storm in , and for good reason. Anatomy of a Murder , Robert Traver. You know this novel as the book that spawned the classic Otto Preminger film. It may be strongly suspected or widely assumed, but its elusiveness makes possible the combination of investigation and outrage that draws us in.

And just over the horizon, beginning Aug. Each of the four hinges on a mystery, but the questions vary widely.

Murder in Midsummer

Why, when Roy got out of the truck in which he was killing himself with carbon monoxide, did she encourage him to get back in? No one has ever been charged in the killing of McElroy, the town bully of Skidmore, Mo. It had, so the indictment ran, followed rules which trivialized its subject. It had preferred settings which expressed a narrow, if not deliberately elitist, vision of society.


And for heroes it had created detectives at best two-dimensional, at worst tiresome. But the truth is that for every Edmund Wilson who resists the genre there are dozens of intellectuals who have embraced it wholeheartedly. The enduring highbrow appeal of the detective novel Current writing influenced by the Golden Age style is often referred to as " cosy " mystery writing, as distinct from the " hardboiled " style popular in the United States. Films and TV series based on the classic Golden Age novels continue to be produced. The Country house mystery was a popular genre of English detective fiction in the s and s; set in the residences of the gentry and often involving a murder in a country house temporarily isolated by a snowstorm or similar with the suspects all at a weekend house party.

The board game Cluedo Clue in North America relies on the structure of the country house mystery. From the late s to the early s, not a few mystery writers who were influenced by the Golden Age style made their debut one after another in Japan. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The Agatha Christie Novel Linked to Real Murders

Knox explained, "I see no reason in the nature of things why a Chinaman should spoil a detective story. But as a matter of fact, if you are turning over the pages of an unknown romance in a bookstore, and come across some mention of the narrow, slit-like eyes of Chin Loo, avoid that story; it is bad. London: Faber and Faber, with revisions in Penguin Books,