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Taylor D. Weisbach, The bank's view of lending relationships ," Journal of Financial Economics , Elsevier, vol. Bord, Vitaly M. Acharya, Viral V. Viral V. Anil K. Stein, Guillaume Plantin, Joshua D. Pennacchi, George, Meisenzahl, Anjan V. Thakor, Anat R.

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You can help correct errors and omissions. The more that become involved, the greater the chance that some of them who retain some sense of honor might defect. An occasional defector can be disabled, killed or discredited, but a flood of them could be disastrous. That is what brought down the Bolshevik regime in the Soviet Union. Shadow control therefore consists largely of the placement of shadow agents in key positions in all of the institutions that are to be controlled.

Since they cannot reveal their true role, they are also somewhat constrained in the actions they can take. What they do has to fit their jobs and not conflict in an obvious way with the mission of the organization, even if they head it. Some of the main targeted institutions are the following:. Key judges, especially presiding judges who assign cases.

Among their functions are death squads that eliminate troublesome persons, although they usually avoid doing that to more prominent ones. They also have developed mind control techniques that can be used to mess up the minds of people they want to discredit or disable.

Primary Research Area:

Not only federal, but also state and local, at least in the major cities. The IRS and other agencies are used to harass persons considered troublesome, and sometimes to prosecute them on trumped up charges, in which evidence is planted or manufactured and government witnesses perjure themselves. Forbidden by law from maintaining dossiers on citizens not the subject of criminal investigation, the agencies get around the restriction by using contractors to maintain the data for them, and have amazingly detailed data on almost everyone. When you hire one of the major security services, you are turning over the keys to your premises to the shadow government.

Newspapers, magazines, television and radio stations.

Shadow foreign secretary Emily Thornberry gives evidence to Committee

Together, they control the National Election Service, which in turn controls the outcome of computerized elections. A major part of the budget of the CIA is for film and video production. They aren't making training films. Telephone, telegraph, cable and satellite.

e-Government and the Shadow Economy: Evidence from Across the Globe

The Shadow Government can bug any communication they wish, without bothering with a court order, and they regularly monitor dissidents and other key figures. Major holes in their control here are the Internet and public-key encryption, which the Shadow Government is trying to suppress.

Although the Internet can be monitored, it cannot be effectively controlled, and it is emerging as a major threat to Shadow control. Despite occasional convictions, they are now mostly treated as a profit center and as the executors of the dirty jobs. They are also the providers of vices for the corrupt members of government, which vices are also used to blackmail and control people.

Universities and public education. Universities are the least effectively controlled components, but still important, largely for recruitment. Main aim here is to divert student activists into unproductive channels, or to get students so involved in careerism that they ignore the important issues.

The Rise of Shadow Banking: Evidence from Capital Regulation

The two major political parties. Political action committees. League of Women Voters. Labor unions. Multinational corporations. We are doing many of the same things there that are being done in the United States, especially in the more advanced countries. A major aim of Shadow Government control has been to bring most of the assets and revenues of the economy under the control of fewer and fewer people. Part of this is causing the failure of smaller organizations and the absorption of them by a few large chains.

Shadow People Featurette #1 - Real Shadow People (2012) - Dallas Roberts Thriller HD

This is being done with banks and other financial institutions, newspapers and magazines, television and radio stations, agriculture and mining producers, distributors and retailers, computer manufacturers, energy and chemical companies, medical providers, and pharmaceutical companies. Anti-trust enforcement has been weak, used only in a few sectors, and then only after major concentrations of economic power has already been achieved.

The process goes beyond normal tendencies toward monopoly or restraint of trade, or the economies of scale that support the old adage that "the rich get richer". It is an attempt to consolidate political control. The result has been for a smaller and smaller proportion of the population to control a larger and larger proportion of the assets and revenues of the economy, while the middle class shrinks.

We are moving away from the original model of the universal middle class, and toward a third-world model of a small upper class and a large poor class, with a small middle class that mainly serve as minions of the rich.

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The Shadow Government appears to be operating according to some plan. Many commentators have dubbed this plan the "New World Order", suggested by the use of that phrase in a speech by George Bush, referring to the state of affairs following the end of the Cold War. Actually, that phrase goes back to the beginning of the Republic, and appears on the Great Seal of the United States as the motto, Novus Ordo Seclorum.

What the Shadow Government itself calls the plan is uncertain, however, some of its elements are now emerging. One element is the disarming of the people. Information about these plans comes from military and intelligence personnel who are involved in preparing to carry them out. Such an action would mean seizing more than million firearms from more than 70 million citizens.

Obviously, after such a sweep there would be so much public outrage that there could not be another election. Therefore, it would also be the formal overthrow of the Constitution. Such a system is not a republican form of government, based on the Rule of Law, or a representative democracy, but merely a tool for control by an oligarchy. A key part of the plan seems to involve the development and use of mind control techno logies, both electronic and chemical, which allow the elite to disable or discredit dissidents and keep the people compliant and productive.

The experimentation that has been done on this is one of the great coverups and abuses of human rights of our time, far exceeding that of the radiation experiments that are now coming to light. The restoration of constitutional governance need not require a violent revolution, and we should avoid violence if possible. It can be brought about in much the way it happened in the Soviet Union. This involves several elements:. The Shadow Government, even more than the old Soviet regime, depends on secrecy. Uncover it and it loses most of its power. We need to end black budgets, require the declassification of most classified documents, especially those pertaining to UFOs and aliens, and adopt and enforce sunshine laws to require full disclosure of not just meetings and agreements among officials, but also among major organizations of all kinds which may exercise an undue influence on political decisions.

We must also require independent audits of all such organizations. We need to enforce strengthened anti-trust laws to break up large enterprises into many competing firms, not just two or three, and forbid interlocking directorates, beginning with the broadcast media and the press.

Intelligence and law enforcement agencies need to be broken up into several competing ones, which can serve as effective checks on abuses by one another. We need to get patriots inside key organizations and encourage insiders to become patriots. The most important are military and law enforcement organizations, whose members must be conditioned to come over to the side of the people if there is a confrontation. We must also provide effective protection for whistleblowers. Freedom of Information Act requests. Surveillance of principals. Local prosecution of federal agents. We need to inform the public on what is happening, and to reach those who now are all too willing to trust the government to protect them.

Protest demonstrations. Tax protests. Defiance of unconstitutional laws. Refusal of juries to convict. This must involve non- provocative, but firm, defense of persons from illegal abuses, and exclusion of illegal governmental actions from local areas, county by county, state by state, with insistence on constitutional compliance. The oligarchy cannot be expected to come up with a plan for an orderly return to constitutional governance.

The process must be conducted carefully, to avoid a disastrous collapse.

Secret Rule

The government needs to end budget deficits and acquire the stock of the Federal Reserve. The myth is that World War II ended with the defeat of fascism, but what really happened is that fascism got a grip on those fighting it, and is becoming increasingly pervasive and powerful. As it grows, it will induce a reaction, the outcome of which will be a final confrontation. We can all hope that the confrontation will not be a bloody one, and that it will be resolved while we still have time to solve our other pressing problems. Morrow, And the video The Day After Disclosure.

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