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Airline Pet Policies. Doulas are welcome to observe classes. I am not a HypnoBirthing Doula trainer so this will only be for observational purposes. Limited spaces for doulas. Please contact me to see availability. New Group Series for Rooted in Wellness. Private one on one classes are held in the privacy of your home.

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They are more accommodating to your schedule and special circumstances. The entire 5 series course will still be covered in these class.

Extra fees will apply if traveling long distances. I understand life happens and special circumstances arise that require cancellations and rescheduling. Please notate, that if more than one session is cancelled due to special circumstances, combining 2 sessions will be a possibility due to limited availability. Then pay the remainder before class one. Class tuition must be paid in full before start of the series unless prior arrangements have been made.

No refunds will be given after the first class has been taught. A "Welcome Email" will be sent within hours upon enrollment. Pre-registration recommended as classes fill quickly! This birth was our fourth baby. After our first, whose birth ended in a c-section, I knew there were things that I needed to do to make the next birth better. Initially, I thought I just needed to find the right doctor. About 4 weeks before our second was born, I realized that the doctor wouldn't even be there until the very end and I needed to make sure I had someone to help me make it through labor.

I found a doula, and the experience was so much better than the first. I had a successful VBAC.

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With our third, we had another wonderful doula. This time I really wanted to try the hypnobirthing method. I took the classes with Amanda. She was not available at my due date to be my doula. I chose Jessica Andersen.

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She wasn't a certified doula yet with my birth she got her certification. I felt an immediate connection with her and knew I would feel comfortable with her by my side. She went through the hypnobirthing class with me and my husband.

One day after my due date all three kids, my husband and I all took turns with the flu. I was the last one to finish out. Five days past my due date, in the evening, I went into labor. My second and third children were 20 hours and 12 hours of labor. When this one started, right from the beginning, it was intense.

I was so tired having not eaten anything and barely been able to keep liquids down after the flu that I knew I couldn't handle 12 hours of the intense labor I was feeling. Little did I know I only had less than four hours until our baby would be born. Unfortunately all of my hypnobirthing practice went out the window. I said, "I want an epidural" after about 30 minutes. My doula came about one hour after labor started.

I labored with her help for about twenty minutes and then again asked for an epidural.

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I was so afraid of letting everyone down if I got an epidural but I just didn't think I could do it. So, we loaded up to head to the hospital. I kept telling myself "just twenty more minutes, we will be at the hospital, I will get an epidural. I can do this for twenty more minutes". Then of course when we got to the hospital, we were in triage. Because it was my fourth, and they could tell I was progressing when they checked me I was at a 7 they got me into a room quickly.

Then they started the blood work for the epidural. They said it would take about twenty minutes. I did not want to hear that right then, although in all honesty, I really did want to do it without an epidural, I was just doubting myself. About twenty minutes after we were in our room my water broke. I kept asking the doctor to give me an epidural. He assured me that he could not do that. I must have been looking at him with a pretty disappointed face because he said he could give me a pudendal block.

I said "ok". I had to get up on the bed on my back. That was miserable.

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But after he gave me the shot, he said I was ready to push when I wanted. Thankfully after I knelt on the end of the bed and the "pushing sensations" started, I just let my body push. I did not try to speed it up by adding more pressure. At that point, I was able to calm down and calmly breathe through the surges. That was the best feeling ever. I could feel the pressure as he came out.

With only a few surges our sweet baby was out. The doctor just gently helped him down to the bed and then told me to reach down and pick up my baby. I picked him up, and I cannot even describe the wonderful feeling I had. I kept saying, "we did it! We did it! So, it was a good thing I asked for an epidural, otherwise he may have been born in the car. What a blessing!! I layed down on the bed and held my baby and nursed him. I felt so wonderful after giving birth. I showered almost immediately and held and loved my baby and rejoiced with Jessica and my husband. I hope I will always remember the wonderful feeling of accomplishment, relief and the pure joy of having that sweet baby!!

After my second birth, because of the pressure from pushing lying down on my back I developed an internal hematoma that required surgery the next morning. With my third, I tore pretty bad again lying on my back to push. But this time, I didn't tear at all! Of course part of that was that it was my third vaginal birth, but I think being upright to push played a huge part in the ability to allow my body to push the baby out, without me trying to force him out.