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I had 4 kids amd was married when I started in this music industry. My wife at the time wasnt working on a full-time job, so I use to bring the family with me on tours especially wen i went out on a 20 day tour. But I slowed down when the kids got older and started to get involved in activites of their own. But it can be difficult when you kids tho. Posted by Revenant on Aug 7 AM. To me, professional versus amateur is more a function of attitude than anything.

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I've known plenty of musicians from my road days that I didn't consider professional, such as the 3 months we had to play as a 3 piece after our lead guitarist bailed after the first gig of the tour because a chick at the bar told him her daddy owned a recording studio in Texas and would make him a "STAR". Last I heard, he was in Michigan playing in a country western band a few times a month for tips. I spent a total of 5 years as a road dog. For a while my wife could come with me.

The rest of the band loved it because she was a great cook so we ate well on the road. After we had kids, I made the decision to get off the road and just play part time. Now I'm considering going full time again since all my kids are grown. The industry has changed completely since I was last on the road!

So who knows? I am a mother of 5 lovely girls, and my husband and I are both musicians. We wrote music and it was more of a hobby at first. My eldest was 20 when we began road touring.

2. Learn To Market Your Music Effectively

We incorporated folk dance into our set, and because our major vision was singing scripture with instruments from the mid-east where the Bible originated, we played churches and Messianic Jewish congregations, with a sprinkling of some fairs, and festivals. These types of venues are much easier with children, but it has been hard for them not to be in one place longer than a couple of weeks.

1. Write Down, Visualize, And Map Out Your Aims

We traveled like this at first off and on, but after 3 years we were getting more popular and we were spending less and less time at home. We decided that with an RV that was donated to us, that it would be better for us financially to stay on the road as Mark was finding it hard to cycle back into woodworking and remodeling when we would get back home. By the time he'd build up enough business to make a good wage we'd be heading back out on the road again.

We home schooled the kids anyway so their education wasn't a problem, as a matter of fact, they got to see and experience so much in our travels, including trips overseas, that this was an education in and of itself. My baby is now 17 and has spent most of her growing up life on the road. She says that there were perks, but also definite downsides to life on the road. Most of the girls are married now, my eldest has 4 children of her own and is married to a computer engineer, who is also a folk dance instructor. My second is married and in college.

My third is married and both she and her husband, a photographer and videographer, are now traveling with us she was our amazingly gifted musician, he's been doing photography and our sound. Our fourth went to a trade school for auto and diesel mechanics and now works for a company that repairs buses for the Philly Transit Authority, she still writes songs now and then, and our youngest is still traveling with us.

I guess I could say much more about our life, but it would be a book!

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This is the most bullshit newsletter I have ever read! In fact, I couldn't finish reading it. It is so far fetched from the truth, it makes me sick! I am a professional female musician, with a husband and three kids! This is my day job, my kids go on tour with me, we have a steady home, health insurance etc. Sounds like she needs to actually talk to some other female musicians other than just her circle of friends.

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Oh by the way, check out my 1-website, 2 CD's, and my hotel rooms paid for by the venue vs the couches that she seems to think we sleep on! My husband is my number one supporter and I was doing this before we even met.

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My children love going on tour, seeing new places, and meeting new people. As far as insurance goes, there is Musicares for musicians. Look it up! Thank you for the blog post, and for the comments. Carrie, I like your website and am in awe of you touring with 3 kids. My husband and I raised 6 kids boys and 3 girls. All are involved in music and the arts among other things. We also moved frequently when the kids were young due to my husband's job. I sang and performed as often as possible. It is a balancing act.

My kids did grow up without being affected by Stage Fright since they also took their moments on various stages. And now they are all grown and gone, the youngest is I've been performing with a local piece swing band in the Seattle area. Now,I am focused on getting deeper into a professional music career. That too, is a challenge not due to kids but now it is my own internal voices I take with me. I applaud women in music who make make a music career happen with kids, music immersion has benefited our children in many ways. Posted by jeff on Sep 26 PM. Great article.

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I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that the two are not compatible. Some years are great for movies and others are better for video games. In , the video game industry eclipsed the million dollar mark in value worldwide. Music adds value to any business, organization or digital platform. Since the launch of Famicom in , video game industry revenue has grown to exceed that of the movie industry. I thus believe the current share price represents an extremely attractive entry point in what is a strongly growing business in a very attractive segment. Featured Blog Post.

For video game publishers, the video game industry has always been about business and profit. Those deemed worthy of the hall have left a mark on the video game industry or pop culture and been popular over time and across countries. The video game industry outperformed the U. The first phase of industry entry consists of a lateral move from one industry to another under the radar of incumbents: When first applying video games as tools to produce animated shorts, users emerged from the domain of the video game industry to enter and become producers in the animation industry where they used games as alien production.

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  6. But despite all that revenue, cracks in the armor are slowly beginning to show. Visit our web site to learn the latest news about your favorite games. FREE with a 30 day free trial. Needless to say, these numbers have made many of the major companies in the entertainment industry look towards video games as a huge source of revenue.